E-HW1001 بالابر مکانیکی-الکتریک E-HW

The Features of Mechanical-Electric Li E-HWseries

  • Use a brushless motor.
  • Vector control
  • Dry ball screw cylinder
  • Built-in unit
  • Has a maximum/minimum limit switch

Electric Linear Actuator's advantage:

Electric Linear Actuator platform is a pure electric lifting platform driven by AC and DC motor to drive the screw to convert rotating motion into linear motion and complete the up and down movements of scissors through more complex mechanisms. The electric putter platform is directly converted from the electrical energy of the motor to the mechanical energy of scissors, which is a green environmental protection product that uses clean energy as energy consumption. Lifting needs can be realized in fixed places or mobile operations, which is a new replacement product of electric hydraulic platforms. It is widely used in pollution-free clean industries and places such as food and medical care.

Compared with the traditional hydraulic lift table, the electric Linear Actuator platformis considered a higher accuracy of more clean transmission equipment. It is difficult for hydraulic transmission or pneumatic transmission to achieve the same transmission accuracy as the electric push rod. Electric push rods with corresponding control can meet higher transmission accuracy to meet customers' requirements for accuracy. In the actual use process, it is more energy -saving, easy to install and does not require any maintenance work.

Electric Linear Actuator's structure :

The structure of the electric linear actuator is mainly composed of a deceleration with a brush motor, a gear box, a screw, a screw, a tube, a slide, a spring, a hardware and a shell and a safety switch. Accuracy control, or synchronous control, the Hall encoder needs to be added at the tail of the motor; in order to prevent the pushing rod from being abnormal during the operation, the current is burned to the motor.

i-lift شماره13151011315102131510313151041315105
ظرفیتکیلوگرم (پوند)300(660)500(1100)750(1650)1000(2200)
حداکثر ارتفاعمیلی متر (در.)650(25.6)900(35.4)
حداقلمیلی متر (در.)155(6.1)240(9.5)
Lift times15-2020-2523-2825-30
Platformsizeمیلی متر (در.)720x450(28.3X17.7)1250x625(49.2X24.6)1250x710(49.2X28)1200x800(47.2X31.5)1250x710(49.2X28)
Power pack400W500W750W1100W
وزن خالصکیلوگرم (پوند)83(182.6)180(396)195(429)240(528)227(499.4)